Asphalt Repair

Asphalt Repair

It doesn’t matter how much you take care of it, you need a repairing process of asphalt to maintain the beauty of the area. We city and town paving and masonry provide a number of services in asphalt repair and produce a large number of customers with positive remarks for our service.

We first do a survey of the place which is to be treated, and then we go for the next steps. The reason for the survey and analysis is there are different conditions which require asphalt repair. On the basis of that, asphalt repairing is done. We are providing services with our full-skill workmen in different areas of Boston.

Conditions call for asphalt repair 

Asphalt repair is required when asphalt undergoes different worst conditions such as cracks in asphalt pavers, formation of pot holes, dips and disintegration of asphalt pavers. The extreme weather condition causes damage and wears asphalt pavement. Mostly the place where there is a lot of usage of the pavement and destruction of the asphalt takes place. We city and town paving and masonry with our skills and expertise do their services in asphalt repairing in a flawless way.

Treatment of asphalt repair

There are different ways by which asphalt repairing is done, such as asphalt removal, patching, replacement, milling, resurfacing, complete depth repair and filling of the crack.

Patching the damage asphalt

This method is ideal for those who have less time and money. This process is very useful as it is affordable, but the outcome of the method is temporary. The basic purpose of this method is to keep maintaining the beauty of the area from getting worse. The method is suitable for one to two-inch deep damage of asphalt. The treatment lasts only for two years and should be checked regularly.

Removal of asphalt and its replacement

This method is also called the peel and paves method. The name indicates that it is an intensive method, but it provides a long-term permanent solution. This method is very useful for reflective damage. This type of damage is done due to the burden of pressure on the specific part of the asphalt surface. This method of treatment requires the layers of asphalt one after the other until the damage part is completely set.

Asphalt milling and resurfacing

This method is useful for the treatment of the large affected area. This method is applicable on resurfacing and repairing of the large surface area of such a parking lot. In this process, the asphalt is removed and then grinds into the stone to form the aggregate.

Depth Repair

The extensive damage that occurs deep down requires full-depth repair. In this deep damage, the repair involves the strong asphalt stone base deep down in the surface. Our services will provide you with long term structural integrity.