Roofing Works

City and town paving and masonry are specialized in roofing repairs. We know that renovation of the house is necessary for maintaining and increasing its life span. The average life span of the roof of your house is 20 years which can be increased by time to time repair. In some areas, the extreme weather conditions will force you to repair the roof more often. Similarly, other factors such as accidents and overloading will also force you to go for early repair.

We offer roof repair service with our team of experts that abruptly identify the cause of leakage. We visit the client's house to identify the root cause of the problem. We serve our customers and make them satisfied and become their first choice.


Types of damages in roof

How can you identify the solution to your roof damage unless you will not know the types of damage? You cannot decide whether you should repair the roof or replace it until you understand the type of roof damage. 


  • Repair shingle

Following are some of the types of damage that need shingle repair. Shingles are strong materials that remain withstand severe weather and UV exposure. But if they damage then below mentioned damages occurs.


  • Loss of granules

With time, weathering affects the shingles, and as a result, granules get loose and fall on the ground. This exposes the surface beneath, and it is a sign of balding shingles.


  • Splitting formation in roof

The temperature change creates an adverse effect on the shingles. The variation in temperature causes expansion and contraction of shingles. This leads to the formation of cracks on them and leads splitting.


  • Shrinkage of shingles

The shrinkage of shingles also affects the structural integrity of your property. This problem arises due to weathering and aging.


  • Curling of ends of shingles

The ends of shingles get curled inward or outward due to extreme moisture or heat and no moisture or heat. This situation leads to clawing and cupping of shingles.


  • Breaking of shingles

When shingles get a break due to severe weather conditions, they should be replaced with a new one.


  • Angular deformation 

The angular deformation in shingles disturbs their position, due to which they sometimes get a lift from the original location. This allows the water to enter inside and causes dampness and moisture.


  • Flashing repair

Roof flashing is a technique that removes the water away from chimneys, walls, and all such areas where the roof coincides with a vertical surface. During construction, when by mistake any spot miss sealant, then the problem arises. The flash lifts up and allows water to be let in. The use of substandard material during construction leads to producing the same type of issue. 


  • Leak issues

During heavy rainfall, we face leakage from the roof in the form of dripping water. The leaks are the prominent sign of deterioration that often indicates roof damage. It is not easy to locate the water leakage as water flows through pipes and other roof materials. You should always consult a roof specialist whether your leak is small or large.