Basement Waterproofing

City and town paving and masonry have doing basement waterproofing services in your area. We are doing this service with our experts, skillful personnel that are laden with knowledge and experience. We are making our customers multiply with positive experiences. Our website is stuffed with many positive and satisfied testimonials that will further increase your satisfaction. We have the best technology in our hands that fixes all types and sizes of the basement that meet your budget. 

Waterproofing is a technique to repair the surface that does not allow the water to get inside into the basement.

Our service and products include:

  • Water lock plus
  • Pipe and rock
  • Surface Glue down
  • Segmented Pipe
  • Baseboard water channel
  • Gravity Discharge
  • Sump Pump Basins & Sump Pumps
  • Exterior wall proofing
  • Interior wall proofing
  • Surface drain


Why is basement waterproofing needed?

When moisture enters the rooms following problems are involved in the basement:

  • Water enters inside from the area between the footer and poured
  • Cracks formed in the basement causes the water to move inside
  • Cracks on the walls and mortar joints unable to bear pressure due to which water flows inside
  • Curved walls of the basement make it susceptible to the intrusion of water.


Our service of basement waterproofing is focused on other key issues also. We are not limited to water management. We locate and treat the point of the source from where the problem arises. Our service is not limited to patching up the prominent symptoms. We, while basement repairing, keep the following points in mind to make our work 100% accurate.

  • Structural repair
  • Water management
  • Air quality


  • Methods of Making the Basement Waterproof

There are two ways by which we make your basement waterproof. 

  • Waterproofing from inside the basement
  • Waterproofing from outside the basement

We select the method by first analyzing your home situation. After a complete in-depth analysis, we recommend our client the best treatment that fulfills your long-term home improvement goals.


  • Interior Waterproofing

In this method, water enters the basement, but soon it will be managed to flow away. For this, we make concrete breakout which requires pumps and time for installation. Following are some of the salient features of interior waterproofing:

  • A well-installed drainage system inside the basement.
  • A concrete breakout requires unless you have a uniform structure of the basement.
  • A sump pump system is used in the process of waterproofing.
  • Time of installation and effort is less in interior waterproofing.
  • It is better to do full interior wall waterproofing
  • This repair is easy and cost-effective.
  • Exterior Waterproofing

This is done from the outside of the basement to stop water from entering the inside. In this method, the wall from the basement is removed, and an exterior moisture barrier is added to it. All service is done from the outside of the basement. This method has proven beneficial in making the exterior of the basement waterproof. Following are the key features of exterior waterproofing:


  • This method did not create any disturbance in the home.
  • A sump pump system is not necessary for the treatment
  • It requires a longer time for installation as compared to interior waterproofing
  • You can service the area again and again.
  • It makes your exterior wall waterproof by employing a moisture barrier, dimple board, and drainage.