Cobblestone pavers add value and beauty to your home. They are easily maintained and used as driveway material for centuries. Cobblestone is durable and seems charming to everyone who sees it. They are not expensive and quite affordable for anyone, and their installation gives a look to your house. We built cobblestone paver driveway with so much expertise that it can remain stable and proves durable and functional for 100 years.

The city, town and paving Masonry Company is well-known for its excellent service in construction of stoops cobblestone. Our team is a hub of experienced and skilled contractors that you will see when you are provided with remarkable construction services. We will consider not only beauty but also focus on the quality of the stoops after the construction of Stoops Cobblestone.

Advantages of cobblestone

There are several advantages that are attached with the construction of cobblestone on your premise.

  • It gives style to the stoops of your driveway or walkway
  • There are lots of varieties in it by which you can add uniqueness to your door step if only it is well-built.

Our team has experts that can form and renovate existing driveways which include asphalt, cobblestone, pavers and concrete. Renovation on the driveways involves the following task such as removal of the prevalent surface, making a new stable driveway base.

Why is Cobblestone aprons installed?

  • They are installed to enhance the excessive wear present on the top of driveways.
  • It acts as an aesthetic buffer between asphalt roads and the driveway surface.
  • It clearly outlines the driveway perimeter and adds beauty between the property lawns and planting beds.

The process of constructing a cobblestone

The steps will tell us how we build a level cobblestone walkway below:

Sorting your Cobblestones

First step before building a stone path, begin by sorting cobblestones. We Sort them into groups that are equal to the same size. Make a pile of smaller stones, then of medium-sized ones, and the last one is of thicker cobblestones. In this way we keep the cobblestone path as even as possible. After sorting the cobblestone, place them on the right side. Pile up in a way so that we can easily find the right sized stone.

How to Build a Stone Path?

The digging is performed on a path approximately up to three to four inches deep. It will create a room of wide space for your cobblestones and drainage materials. Leveled the bottom surface, and then place a thin layer of pea gravel over it. Cover it with some cloth and compress the sand down until it is packed firmly and evenly.

Arranging the Cobblestone

If the piles that we have previously sorted have not that one size to complete your project, then there will be need to “stagger” the sizes for your interest. When the pathway has filled, then step back and view creation from far. See whether or not the cobblestones are even-right now and just see to check that they have a pleasing appearance.

Make sure that Pavers Are Even

The most critical and important path and the most time-consuming aspect of your project is pavers, should be. The use of a rubber mallet and tapping of each stone is done so that they gently set into place. Try to make it level with the other stones around it. Sand can be added or removed a bit underneath each cobblestone so that your pavers are precisely the right height.

The purpose of leveling of stones is not to create a smooth surface, but to ensure they do not vary in height, and they must present a wavy appearance.

Finishing step

Once when stones are arranged in the way we want, then, fill in the gaps surrounding them with mason’s sand. Pack the space in between each stone tightly so that the cobblestones are unable to shift. Spray gently on the stone with a garden hose. Give some time for a solution to set, usually between 24 and 48 hours. We, the city town and paving masonry, are specialize in using genuine antique materials that have left a lasting impression of historic streets and buildings on your work.