Paving Services Farmingham

Framingham is the city famous for Framingham heart study in the state of Massachusetts. It is the good place to live there. We city and town paving and masonry provides outstanding services in asphalt paving in Framingham, city of Massachusetts. We provide services with different kinds and styles of paving. We are glad that we lay pavers according to the desired of the clients of Framingham. We are very friendly and treat our clients in respected way. If you want to install pavers we are available at your call on your door step. Our experts and professionals can look after all the asphalt paving process.

Our services

  • Crack filling
  • Fill potholes
  • Repairing asphalt paving
  • Removing old asphalt
  • Resurfacing the asphalt paving

Types of pavers

  • Natural stone (most common in it is flag stone and field stone)
  • Brick
  • Concrete

Grading and making of sloping

In this step, our expert plan and devise a design to make the road ready for proper drainage. While giving services, we keep all these points in mind, like the drainage system. The proper drainage system is very necessary while installing asphalt paving in case of heavy rain; otherwise our services go in vain. So to make our work flawless and outstanding in terms of road drainage we used laser transits and automatic motor graders. We grade the road in such a best way that it will drain the water.  Our expert team and professional with their knowledge do this job without any flaw.  They provide long-term smooth drive way to their clients.

Preparation of sub base

While preparing Asphalt driveways, for the stability of asphalt paving surface, the most important thing is the making of sub base. The most important role of the sub base is protecting it from extreme weather conditions like freezing and thawing. The fluctuating and extreme temperatures damage the drive ways. We are very cautious in making base thickness, base stability and its compaction while installing the asphalt drive ways.

Proof roll

This step is performed to check that the underlying surface is ready and strong enough to support new asphalt. We use quad-axle dump truck is used for this purpose. It is loaded with 72000 pounds. The truck is moved row by row on the surface. If the stones arch more than an inch under the truck tyre, then it means the road is not properly prepared. If this step identifies the soft area, then it will be repair again.


In this process digging is involved below the surface. It is dug for about 2 to 3 feet.  The underground soft material such as clay and soil is replaced with a strong material


In the plowing clay and soil that are left behind and are not replaced completely is mixed with added aggregate to improve the strength of effected areas.


After spreading of sub base if soft areas are identified then Binder is added. We make our work durable and strong by mixing the binder layer is mixed with oil. This step provides strength to the asphalt surface.

Layering of new asphalt

The top layer is made smooth and clean by the layering of new asphalt. The use of oil and sand as a combination in new asphalt layer will create the jet black asphalt. It will lead to a production of a smooth, shiny surface.

Butt joints

The purpose of their adding is to join the old and new asphalt and concrete.

Final roll

The final step to ensure that there will be no bumps, aggregate and small stones protruding out of the smooth new surface.