Masonry paving Herndon

The experts and advanced tools of city and town paving and masonry are providing masonry paving to the residents of Herndon. We make outstanding structures in the free or outdoor space of the client’s property. We give swimming pools of the house an alluring look by making an outline with the block pavers in different patterns. We believe in quality service that is why we are very cautious in the selection of the material and treatment.

  • Process of masonry paving

The process starts with the simple steps towards a complex one. We believe in strategies, so we start our work with proper planning.

  • Survey

We first make the survey of the area with our team. In this, we examine the area and decide our strategy of treatment and select the material. We also give the estimated cost of the whole process to the customers and give them some authentic opinions on their demand. We calculate the number of pavers required and do all types of such calculations and documentation.

  • Digging

The area is broken and dug out for the removal of the old material to replace with the new one. 

  • Preparation of the material

The surface is prepared by proper digging and cleaning process. Then sub-base is prepared with the required amount.

  • Edge curbing

This step is necessary for the proper maintenance of the pavers. In this way, pavers are not moved and separate even in harsh weather condition

  • Place the sand layer

The sand bedding is necessary for the proper installation of the pavers. The sand bad is layered onto the compact base material. 

  • Lay the pavers

Place the pavers in the specific pattern to get the desired design.

  • Lock the paver’s joints

Use the sand to fill the joints to lock the pavers in place. For this purpose, fine-grained sand is suitable. The reason is fine sand will compact easily and fill up the joints quickly and firmly.

  • Sealants

The sealants are used for pavers for the prevention of vegetation growth. It also prevents stains of oil, grease, rust, moss, and algae. These sealants help you in the cleaning of stains from the pavers.