We, city and town paving and masonry after Boston, are now serving the residents of Virginia and its sub-areas which are Herndon and Reston. We are providing the following services:

 Asphalt paving

In asphalt paving, the pavements which are made of asphalt concrete are basically composite materials that are used in the making of the roads, parking areas, airports, etc.

Step of the process:

Following are the steps of the process in detail that will help you in understanding the asphalt pavement and its installation.


This is the first step in this process, in which the removal of the previous material has been done. The removable material can be old asphalt, concrete, and pavers. We use heavy machines such as small bobcats and forklifts for removal and clearance purposes. We can also use front loaders and large trucks for dumping in time of need.


Laser guides and automatic motor graders are used for making the surface paved so that water run-off quickly over it.


Make the sub-base for the provision of the support and stable surface for the new pavement. In the making of the sub-base the thickness, stability, and compaction should be considered.


To check the surface is strong or not, a proof roll is performed row by row by a heavy truck. If the proof roll proves that the sub-base is not supported and there are some soft areas in them then base repair is performed.


Binder is added at this stage which is the large layer made of aggregate mixed with oil. The binder provides strength to the new asphalt pavement. In the end, the asphalt pavement is installed by adding a fresh layer of asphalt at the top, and then the final roll is done to complete the project.

Patio Driveways

A patio driveway adds beauty to the outdoor space of your property. We at City and Town Paving and Masonry service are specialized in brick paver and cobblestone patios, walkways, and driveways. Pavers are used for different purposes such as patios, decks, walkways, and driveways. Our setting pattern from a simple concept to complex design brings innovative ideas in the life of clients. Our services give different types of patio driveways.

Random course driveways

In this type of driveway, different types of blocks are used in the random arrangement. In making this type of driveway, avoid the cross joints to attract the attention of the viewers at one specific point of the design.


This design involves the interlocking pattern which is mostly used in traffic areas. The interlocking pattern didn’t allow the block to displace from the position even on the braking and turning of the vehicles.

Stretcher bond

This is the simplest type of paving pattern also known as running bond or half bond. It gives a modern and smooth look to the driveways.

How to proceed with patio driveways?

Before the start of the process, go for the needs and designs of the clients. Then after selecting the shape, look for the suitable material and then start the process after proper homework. The process starts with digging into 150mm. Place the compact layer of sub-base up to 100mm. then cover the area with concrete. On this concrete layer, place the paving slab. Leave it for 24 hours to dry and set. Fill the gap between the paving slabs with the concrete materials.

Masonry contractors

We, City and Town Paving and Masonry are experts in providing service in the field of masonry construction. We play a vital role in masonry construction, masonry repair, and other application of masonry. Our services restore, repair, and construct every type of infrastructure that is made from different materials. Below are different types of material used in masonry construction:

  • Brick
  • Block
  • Concrete
  • stone


In masonry, there are different types of mortar used. Depending upon the client's demand and treated area following types of mortar will be used:

  • Cement mortar
  • Lime mortar
  • Finished mortar

Process of Masonry Work

The bricks should be of great quality and with standard characteristics in masonry. The mortar used in masonry should be made with proper composition. The amount of cement and sand used in the making of mortar should be accurate. The sand and cement are mixed dryly to get proper color and then water is added to them. The consistency of mortar should be workable. After this mortar-making step, soak the bricks in water to check their absorption rate. The bricks should not absorb more than 1/6 of their weight. Clean the area and then place the bricks on them by placing the mortar evenly. After placing the bricks, keep them for 20 minutes so that they fit there properly. The masonry construct area should be kept away from sun, frost, and storm as they make the bricks green and deteriorate them. During construction, proper scaffolding should be taken out to facilitate masonry work.

Residential Paving

We City and Town Paving and Masonry are giving services in the installation and maintenance of residential pavers. We have expertise in the evaluation of the area which needs treatment, preparation of the material with suitable care, and proper installation of the pavers. We start our work with proper planning and strategies. Our work comprises of the following stages:


In this stage, our people visit the area and this visit is free of cost and very important. Based on this visit, we decided which type of treatment and material is required for the residential paving process. All types of documentation and cost estimation are done in this stage.

Digging and removing

It is important to remove all types of material that can become the source of interference in the later process. The area is prepared for starting the process by the removal and clearance of every type of material.


The stable and solid sub-base is prepared for the prevention of settling and shifting. This is actually the base on which the asphalt is poured.

Sub-base placement

The sub-base should be made properly in terms of consistency and density. This is actually the foundation for the whole process. It should withstand for a long time against soil erosion, weather condition, and excessive usage.

Asphalt pouring process

The asphalt is poured on the sub-base with great care. The asphalt is basically a mixture of sand, stone, and tar-like material. It is heated to a high temperature before pouring so that mixture should be homogenous in composition.

Final touch

In the last step, wait for its hardening. It should be hard to the extent that you can walk and drive on the surface.

Masonry paving

If you want to create your outdoor space beautiful by equipping it with masonry pavers then we are here to serve you. We City and Town Paving and Masonry are serving the people of Virginia with our advanced tools and expertise. We are creating our satisfied customers innumerably at a high pace.

The block pavers are called masonry pavers and they are made of concrete. This type of masonry has proven beneficial as we placed a block on the surface to make it strong rather than pouring the concrete on the driveway.

The block pavers are used to make the boundary of the pool and grass for protection. The masonry pavers are used for long driveways and huge yards as well. The process of masonry paving follows the same general outline:

Process of masonry paving:

First, make a plan that how you want to make decorated outlined a specific area. Don’t forget the drainage point while designing the masonry paving. Then select the material according to your desired shape, size, and texture that fits easily into your area. Then we make the outline of the project with complete discussion and consider each point. Then we start our process by digging and removing the old worn-out area. Prepare the sub-base with proper consistency and place it evenly on the surface. Then we apply the layers of sand which helps the pavers to be in place. After this layer, the pavers in the straight line fill their joints with sand and then sealed them with the sealing agent.