Residential paving           

City and town paving and masonry are making the outer space of your property alluring by making different types of structures. We are working on making an eye-catching driveway, parking lot, and walkway. The residential paving provides a much safe and secure space for residential activities in leisure time.

Process of residential paving

The process for residential paving comprises of the following steps:

  • Planning

Visit the area for assessing the type of treatment and selection of the material. We are making a plan in this step that how we shall proceed and design the outline of our project. 

  • Demolition

In the second step, we remove the existing surface with the help of heavy machines. The old and worn-out material is removed in this step.

  • Grading of surface

Prepare the surface by making proper grading so that water will run out from the surface. The sloping and grading of the surface are required for proper drainage.

  • Sub-base preparation

The most important part of asphalt paving is the sub-base. The preparation of the sub-base with suitable consistency will provide support to the new surface. We take great care in making proper consistency, stability, and compaction of the sub-base.

  • Evaluation of the prepared sub base

For checking the quality of your sub-base goes through the proof roll step. If proof roll will not give you the right result then cut the soft areas and repair the sub base.

  • Installation of the pavers

Pour the binder and place the pavers for strong installation on the surface. The binder will hold them tight to the ground